US toll free number free from UK?

Posted 3rd Apr 2019
Hi all - hope all Reading this are doing good

My question is :
Are US toll free numbers free to call from UK landline?

I got a specific number to call A holiday resort company that’s in ORLANDO;


Or another but without the 00s


Any help shall be appreciated

** the company themselves said that the number is toll free and is free to call from wherever in the world**

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No, 08 and 03 are free, you’ll be charged an international dialing/calling rate.

Best way is is to download skype and call them using that, as they allow international freephone dialing.

I’ve sent you this as a private message as well as for someone it’s been deleted twice.
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They have a whatsapp number?
Whats company name?
Generally most Toll Free numbers are not free if you're calling from another country, so I suspect you'll be charged the international rate for the US if you just dial it from a UK landline.
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Hi all,

I rang BT up, they confirmed the number will still run charged the international rate even if its toll free.

55p per minute from BT kandline
Whats company name maybe got skype or can whatsapp.
put a block on charge calls then try
Thanks to BadMF

SKYPE calls work to international toll free, just tried with £0 credit to check and it went through but will call them later.

I think that’s quite handy to know, not sure if that can be advertised as a deal on here or whatever, since others will be able to benefit (like I said 55p from BT landline)

Otherwise theres a telephone overide company on google I found called Toolani who give an access code, first call is FREE- anyone had any experience with them?
Call it from Skype if you use it as its free on that

Edit: didnt see the post above mentioning it already
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