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I'm travelling to the states and was wondering how I would be able to make calls whilst there. Only need to make calls to other people in the States but not sure if they have pay as you go there?


How long are you going for - we have just come back and I bought two NET 10 phons from here - they are motorolas and I paid £30 for the two and£5 postage and they had 250 minutes left on both. When we got there my daughter ued all the minutes textin and phoning her friends - as we were there for 3 weeks. The Net 10 phones are sold in Walmart and cost approx $49 but come with 250 minutes and you have 3 months to use them, they are a really good deal saves buying a sim as the sims are the same price and less minutes loaded on them. so check out the Net 10 phones - theonly problem with them is the minutes do not carry over to say next year, once your 3 months are up your minutes are unless you buy more and the minute are roughly the same price as buying the new phones, complete with minutes - although if you ring net 10 when you want to add more minutes they generally will do you a "deal"

Be aware that if you need more minutes than your phone comes with, it might be easier to buy top-up cards from WalMart, Target etc rather than try and top up by phone.

I found on T-Mobile's pay as you go service over there that they wouldn't accept my card over the phone as it wasn't registered to a US zip code.
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