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Found 15th Sep 2008
Hi guys

Does anyone have any promotions or tips for car hire is the US of A?


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we always went with dollar when went to LA, No problems been with them 5 times.


Hope this helps.
try car hire 3000 - the usually give you a quote - dont accept first one then they reduce it - or airline network through quidco - been using many year untile car hire 3000 beat the quote this year even taking into account quidco
I always use holidayautos with quidco- beware the cheapest price- things they try to screw u on:
1. Rediculous excesses on insurance, sometimes many hundreds of pounds- holidayautos- have 100usd excess=55£
2. Fuel- buy our tank at inflated prices and return empty- how can you do that??
One-way drop fees can be high.
This means you actually have to read the terms and conditions
But this is the US- so do read it. dan
Many thanks. I have used Holiday Autos before and things went fine. I will try Car hire 3000 for a quote as I know Holiday Autos are always competitiive.


Be very careful with the small print at Airline Network. They promote Dollar and tend to beat their prices. They also ignore extras such as one-way drop offs (if for example, you want to pick up from one depot in the same city and drop off at the airport, it's an extra $50 for even a mile or two) Dollar put plenty of warnings that this is the case whilst booking but Airline Network do not. Hence their headline rate is good!!
Their aftersales complaints team is also very poor.
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