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    we are going to America in 6 weeks, have a few questions about getting dollars, if anyone can help that would be great!
    firstly should i get money changed now as have noticed a drop in the exchange rate, or would it be wise to hold off?
    secondly, where is the the best rates to be found at the moment?
    thirdly, can we take our debit cards with us and just use them in the ATM as we do here??
    we are hoping to take £1000.00 with us initially but didn't want to take anymore then that.
    heat for any useful advice!


    I am due to travel in 4 weeks time and have been looking around. I have just had $800 (£546.41) delivered from "the currency group" who seem to have the best online rate at the moment. Added to that a "carlton FX" currency card which I will have 1000 $ to start but can top up on line if extra is needed, this card also allows use at ATM's in the USA with no fees.

    If you take your own cards make sure you check your banks fees, as these can be high.

    Just come back from the states. I always buy my money from Co-OP travel as they tend to have the best high street rate. But I only take a small amount and then use my Nationwide Credit card to pay for stuff as the exchange rate is always better on the. The question about changing money now or waiting is one we would all like to predict the rate could and probably will go up and down in the next few weeks. Check out martin lewis ([url][/url]). If you have time there are a couple of credit cards that give good rates. Remeber you can use you debit card in the states some banks charge a % for that some don't. Personally I would not get a currency card.

    in terms of exchange rate it won't fluctuate that much...u simply can't tell 4 wks from now, but the dollar has been stengthening a lot recently!

    Thomas cook can offer u a better rate if ur changing a lot of money. Don't take their published rates on the day as final. U can negotiate with the teller. Post office have best rates on high street lately but they won't negotiate! Having said that, on £1000 max difference btwn the major bureau de change will probably be around £15 - £30, so pays to shop around!

    Debit cards> some banks will offer u free cash withdrawals abroad..not sure about U.S but Barclays offer free withdrawals from Deutsche Bank ATM's in mainland europe for example....

    always a risk of losing £1000 cash. So u could consider traveller cheques in smaller denominations!

    Debit cards will normally charge u a %, and a max of £3 on a transaction, so don't use it too much :-)

    use…er/ for current rates....

    I've used them lots of time and they have been great.
    But you do need to order in advance.

    try M&S travel de change
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