USA Election Poem

    This will no doubt be true for the UK election too.

    As America inches closer to its big election day,
    It's getting harder to believe what the politicians say.
    The world faces troubled times as markets take a fall,
    But these guys smile and tell us they know how to fix it all!

    Both candidates have promised what they think folk want to hear,
    Like "I won't raise your taxes if you vote for me this year."
    Any claims of lower taxes are the words of a pretender,
    'cause whoever gets elected, more dues we must render.


    u did this urself?

    Original Poster


    u did this urself?

    No, it is adapted from a poem I read recently.

    good stuff!

    dad was listening to obhama' speech the other day and i was in kitchen, didnt know what he was watching, seriosuly i tought it was wrestling.... its mad!!

    Nice. I like poetry of any description :thumbsup:

    I feel very positive about Obama though. In fact, not sure I've ever come across a politician who I've had as much respect for. Been listening to and reading his speeches carefully, and peel away the things he needs to say to keep enough people on board to win, and you find some strikingly decent values - and even, recently, some excellent ideas on taxes! I hope he won't expose my naivete though - this has happened before. Tony Benn is one of the few who has managed to keep my faith over the span of a career. :-(:

    mary had a little lamb she tied it to a pylon 10 thousand volts went up its bum and turned its wool to nylon

    this has sod all to do with the election and has not been modified (by me anyway) just thaught a contrasting eliment was needed
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