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Found 12th Sep 2017
I'm off to USA at the end of October and I have a Virgin mobile contract. Virgin doesn't give me any inclusive data for America

But my phone is a dual sim. What's the best second sim to shove in my mobile to cover my data usage in America? Something like 5gb should suffice. I know three do America, but I've heard about throttling when abroad.

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Offers change all the time.
Once you get there try any drug store, Target or Walmart they have racks of sims and 'burner' phones.

If that not enough there are network shops on almost every corner.
prices are higher than here so watch out for that, we used three recently over there, no 4G just 3G but strong enough for everything we needed including facetime in a car. what are you planning on using 5GB on, just use wifi where needed and get a good vpn.
Thanks for the replies. I'll get a payg three mobile sim (rather than data) and stick it in a dual sim phone for data.
I agree with chocci. Three are good out there but only managed to get 3G in Orlando.

My EE contract got me 4G though. Maybe they do a data Pay as you go with US roaming.

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