Found 29th Aug 2017
I'm going to the US a just noticed ee charge £4 per day for 500mn

Is there a cheaper way to do this by buying a sim when I get there?
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The sim we bought from eBay didn't work when we got there. What about a 3 cheap contract...
I got a SIM from eBay and it worked great. Just check seller feedback and remember cheapest may not be best. Mine had minutes and data as part of the purchase price. If you want to know which one pm me
3 sims work over there for calling back to the UK, but calling a US number costs as if you were calling from the UK.

If you need to call US numbers you need a US sim. You can pick one up loaded with minutes/texts and data in any drug store or Walmark ect. They go from $10 and up depending on high much stuff you need.
I only need internet and my experience of three abroad is dreadful
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