USA Wii - differences?

    Could anyone please tell me the difference between getting a USA wii and a UK wii?

    It would be posted from the UK, so no customs or charges to worry about..

    Things like is it region locked, would I have to buy US games instead of UK games? Would it need a different power supply etc? Any different specs?

    Thanks in advance


    how come your buying a second hand NTSC wii, is it dirt cheap, you can get a second hand Pal wii for around £140 delivered.

    the console will be region locked if its a USA model (NTSC)

    Also no Warranty

    You'd have to buy your games from America, as PAL games wouldn't work. You could use a piece of software called a freeloader to get around this problem though. You'd probably end up paying less for the games if buying from America though, and you'd get access to certain titles sooner, as most games are released last in Europe (although not always).

    For the online, you'd only be able to connect to the US servers (I think) - so you'd only have access to the US shop which means only US wii points (which are used to buy virtual console and wiiware titles) would work so you'd have to buy them from America (although apparently if you set your country on the console to Brazil, you can purchase points using a uk credit card). It's also likely you'd need to buy a stepdown converter, which cost anything from £20 upwards.

    You'd need a 110V power supply, and you'd have to import games from the US. I believe the shipping cost is offset by the cheaper prices anyway.

    One significant advantage of having a US Wii is that the virtual console games run at 60Hz. The European equivalents are still 60Hz games, but they run at 50Hz. This leads to graphical glitches, slowdown, and the games can even run at slightly different speeds. Even if you have your Wii set to output 60Hz, it'll still play the VC games with 50Hz on a PAL Wii.

    To all those saying the OP would need a chip or imported are wrong
    The homebrew channel has been released, with a piece of software that allows the running of original discs from any region on any other region console, just like freeloader does, only free!!
    All you need to get this up and running is a little bit of knowledge (easily available from 'tinternet) an original Zelda:Twilight Princess from your region (in this case NTSC-U) and an SD card (no greater in size than 2gb).
    As for virtual console games, well.......this little homebrew channel runs some very good emulators, including Snes and Megadrive nicely, N64 is being worked on, but is very slow/ poor at the moment, we could even see a PS1 emu at some point, now that I would like to see.
    For those who cant stand not being able to play "proper" VC games, there is a way of getting the NTSC images and placing them on to the NTSC console, but we wont go into that here



    That is alot easier to block and detect than a modchip and that is … That is alot easier to block and detect than a modchip and that is illegal where as a freeloader isn't. And using a mod chip just to play other regions legitimate games wouldn't really get you introuble, where as modding the wii's firmware and using illegal software on it through the wad installer is.Anyways just get a pal wii.

    did you not read what I said?
    I said all you need is zelda, an SD card and some files!, thats it, no mod chip, no openning the console, no fannying around.
    Who needs the wad installer now that the HBC is out any way?


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    Thanks for all the replies

    Think I'll play it safe and get a UK wii, much less hassle! The reason why I was asking is yeah i had been offered a US one cheaper than the UK ones, and probably would have bought it if it was region free - chipping it or using freeloaders isn't really worth the hassle.



    Don't you need the wad installer to install the homebrew channel? Or is … Don't you need the wad installer to install the homebrew channel? Or is it an official channel?

    The HBC is an elf file, you run the zelda exploit and it installs it in a second or two, nothing illegal there, it is when you start installing pirated or injected channels that you start to break the law, but then Nint cant really ban you from that very easily, as the shop channel is just HTML anyway, it's not like a dedicated service such as Xbox Live is.
    As I said, you only need run the Zelda hack once from now on, install the HBC and when it is up and running you can use nice, home made emulators to play games directly from the SD card, thus meaning I can happily sit here and hack away on Mario RPG on my Wii, running at a very good 50-60 fps!! on Snes9x



    Freeloader has already been stopped from working with other games. I'd … Freeloader has already been stopped from working with other games. I'd just get a Pal Wii, or a US wii, and chip it.

    According to who, exactly? The Wii Freeloader disc has not been blocked as far as I'm aware, although the Gamecube Freeloader disc has been (that could only be used in the wii for GC game anyway). Regardless, the Homebrew channel has just made playing different region games a whole lot easier anyway. :thumbsup:

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    Have ordered my UK wii today, can't wait!
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