USB 2.0

    I am pretty sure that my 3 year old pc has USB 2.0 ports, not sure about my 5 month old laptop. Is USB 3.0 a new hardware configuration or can existing ports be upgraded with drivers?



    New hardware.

    And all usb 3 ports are blue so you can tell thwm apart from usb 1/2

    For the main PC it probably just needs a new PCI card.

    The laptop is unlikely to be upgradable, unless it will accept a PCI express card (PCIe) and there is somewhere in the case for a USB socket to be fitted.

    usb3 is backward compat with 2 but usb2 cannot be upgraded to 3 via drivers.

    Yes the laptop can be upgraded to USB 3 using ExpressCard (which connects to the PCI Express bus on the motherboard). If the laptop does not possess ExpressCard then it is highly improbably that USB 3 can be implemented since internal mini PCI or internal PCI Express mini cards are designed where all the components are housed internal to the case.

    USB 3 contains extra cabling since it provides full duplex transmission which means both incoming and outgoing transmissions occur simultaneously.
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