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Ok I have a computer runnign Windows 7. The motherboard is A8N-SLI Deluxe which is quite an old motherboard.
I am having problems with USB2.0 transfers. My USB ports are showing as USB 2 but the speeds I get fluctuate from 3m/s to 40m/s (mainly 3/ms). I was wondering if it is Windows 7 causing the problem as the motherboard is so old. Should I downgrade to XP ??


have you had xp on it before and if so was the problem there also try researching the motherboard there maybe a bios update if it is a common problem with it.

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Yea I found the same information, I removed my USB and got windows to reinstall it, It now at times goes full speed but most of the time it just crawls at 3m/s.

strange are you using different things in there to check its not your device and does it do it on all usb ports?

what usb devices ? and get hdtach to test speed…ach

update your motherboard bios and make sure usb setting in bios correspond to v2.

Use back ports for usb (instead of might be wired up wrongly front usb panel ports) do not use hub

make sure EHCI is listed for usb in devioce manager, check to see if threre are any reg entries for patching usb2 support on that asus board (I doubt it now with w7 in use) if you are using one already don't and go to asus site and look to see if they have a chipset driver for your board eg a w7 one if not get the vista one a use that. It should be install windows / install chipset driver/ install gfx etc for a clean system install

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The usb settings are set to usb 2.0 and the bios is up to date, In everest it is reporting as a USB 2.0 device. will check EHCI. I think I will try XP install on another drive to see if that makes any difference also. Would Linux be any different ?

^not if the hardware is at fault no

The way w7 reports tx rate via a usb device is not exactly (working / reporting as it should on all systems)

Which usb device is slow ? test it with hdtach
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its a brand new USB stick and all other cards I have used are the same speed so it is definately the ports


its a brand new USB stick and all other cards I have used are the same … its a brand new USB stick and all other cards I have used are the same speed so it is definately the ports

have you had the this port can perform faster ?

anyways which brand of usb flash pen is it and can you test it and post pic of the screen it shows you for speeds etc

forgot to mention you need top run hdtach as admin and right click shortcut for hdtach after installing it and run in xp compat mode

dont know the board but if you get no luck sometimes there are two places for the usb to connect to on the motherboard so you can have more usb's maybe try switching it if you have the extra one and it is not used

are youy def using 1805 bios ?

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I believe I am using 1805, I tried flashing it again last night but got some strange message running AWDFlash in a command prompt window. I know USB sticks are slower bt i think i should get faster than 3m/s

are we ever going to see some screenshots / speedtest results :lol or get a brand name for one of your flash pens / memory cards etc

check also for malware/ spyware / viruses as well


2 devices in xp the same 2 devices in Windows 7 and 5 other devices in W7 The generic ones are card readers and the slowest of these being a Sandisk mobilemate with an SD adapter with a 4 gig Transflash card in

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Sorry no screenshots availabl as have been in work, I am using a Kingston CT03 I think Pen Drive which is USB 2.0. Last night i got the latest nvidia nforce drivers i could find. AWDFlash does not work in windows so if anyone has any other ideas how I can updat the Bios that would be great.


you use the ez flash on asus board or dos flasher from floppy or usb if supported

to update via windows you need to use 6.65 chipset driver or above

nVidia Chipset(CK804) driver version V6.65 for Windows XP(WHQL).
To avoid crashing file system, please do update the chipset driver before updating Bios version 1012 or later

so either install XP and try the win32 method or use the preferred option make a bootable floppy and copy the AWDFLASH.EXE and the 1805.BIN file to that floppy (root) and update via ezflash you only need the bin file then or through booting floppy and typing awdflash.exe at prompt (supply the filename) of bin file 1805 in this case

see here for some examples…396

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I think I am being a doofus and this is only USB 1.0 ??…165

nope that kingston is usb 2.0
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