USB AA Battery box

    Hi, I am going travelling in a bit, and most of my stuff is USB based. This USB AA box looks like a great piece of kit. They were available in Poundland, but I didnt buy them as they were for AAA only. The AA ones were sold out. The only place I have found them is on ebay for nearly £9.. which is a lot.. Item 330282703621.

    can anyone suggest a cheaper option.. really!! Thanks and help will be appreciated and repped accordingly.


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    cheers thanks.. Mods kindly move to deal requests if possible and if not alreayd moved!

    I got mine from ]AddonsWorld for £5.99 + p&p. Can't rememebr what the p&p was though.

    I know a company called CPC sell them as I bought one years ago ,comes with a push in USB connector . Mine takes the AA batery x 4 . Sadly , I cannot remember how much I paid , but the trouble with CPC anyway is they have a standard P&P price which is about £5.00 on everything .
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