Usb Adapter For Wireless Router

    hi I AM looking for a usb adapter for my laptop to go with my

    NETGEAR WGT624 I have £35 in amazon vouchers so would like to use them on a adapter or if anyone knows where i can get one cheap ie about £20
    btw its a 108mb router!


    Unless you are going to be transfering files from one PC to another within your home on a regular basis then just get a 54mbos adapter.

    You can only access the internet as fast as your connection will let you so you will be nowhere near 54mbps never mind 108mbps.

    So just get any usb wireless adapter from Amazon so you can use up your vouchers. I will have a quick look for you now.

    This one will work fine:…8-2

    Original Poster

    i was having a look at that one
    but what happens when vm upgrade their speeds in may ?!

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    as then it will be 20 gig i suppose i wont be transfering files that much as the laptop only has a small hard drive so may get an additional hard drive ie external drive!

    Lol, what past 54mb? Eeeeek!!

    I don't think so mate. That adapter is a 54mb one so unless your internet connection is faster than that then you will have nothing to worry about.

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    lol it will be going to 20mb in may!
    but they always upgrade their speeds and they are testing 50-100mbs but maybe i should get [email protected]!

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    if i have nectar i can get cashback cant i?

    If it is listed on the nectar site and you use the link, yes mate.

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    i might use that!
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