USB Auto backup program?

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Found 11th May 2011
A while ago someone suggested a USB auto backup feature, where every time I plugged in a USB device it backed the drive up to a location (I set it to my dropbox folder)

It worked really well, and was free, unfortunately my laptop has died and I need to install it on my new one - can't for the life of me remember the name of the program, nor the thread in question.

Can anybody recommend one? Or remember the thread I am talking about? I will remember the program's website as soon as I see it

Google throws up loads of ones which cost.


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Plus, I know it's lazy (just drag and drop), but I am lazy

no idea but sounds handy
try going through the alphabet and squeezing your brain hard on each letter

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It was a really good program, seriously annoying me now

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Found it!!!

should have gone backwards from Z
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