Posted 28th Dec 2022 (Posted 28 m ago)
hey all

after trying like forever i've conceded defeat and i've come to Ask.

Im looking for a usb c small adamper where you have the usb c male on one side and the usb c female on the other.

The reason is that I have a Razr kishi but the issue is i have to take off my phone case for it to properly fit and connect. so looking for a slimline adapter which will allow me to use the kishi without taking off the phone case.

My phone case is just a basic plastic see through case but its thick enough for the port of the kishi to not fully fit into the usb port of my phone.

i did find one on amazon but it was like a pack of 4 for £8 or something but i only need 1 and the seller didnt have any individual ones.

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    maaaan!!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!
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    It just cut the phone case slightly so the cable fits in the port. I had to trim the usb port opening on my phone case to get my in car charging mount to fit
    Interesting. Not thought about doing that, might give that a bash before I order the above. Just want the option of not constantly needing to remove my case. Thanks for suggestion
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