usb c to aux adapter - help

Posted 27th Jan 2023
are they phone specific? they really shouldnt be since most companies don't include one in the box so you need to source your own. I know with samsung phones it needs to be the samsung version, at least my huawei one doesnt work with samsung.
Ideally I'd have 1 that would work with ANY (or at least most) phones
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    Buy one with a built-in DAC to avoid compatibility issues.
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    Most USB devices with an analogue audio output use USB's audio device class. Such widgets are often referred to as external sound cards or DACs (as well as the meaningless 'adaptors' and 'converters').

    I believe some smartphones do use a less widespread part of the USB spec called Accessory mode in which case the USB port essentially just itself over to just being a connector to the phone's own analogue audio circuits. I have seen some places suggest the term passive to describe connector adaptors for such a mode.

    And as USB is designed to connect anything a manufacturer is free to implement entirely custom communication that would require the system to understand that specific accessory (e.g. have a driver for it).

    Your best bet for widespread compatibility is the first sort, but finding technical details on how cheap bits work can be tricky. Perhaps a good sign to look for is if it says it works with computers as well as accessory mode is not widespread there.
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    For me it's the power delivery, as long as it's rated for 65w or 100w then it works with most phones (and other devices) . I have an Anker 65w one that seems to charge all our phones (including Samsung) as well as my laptop, steam deck and my son's switch.'s avatar
    Think they mean USB-C to audio jack, not a charger!

    I use a third-party model with Samsung phones, so they're not brand specific.
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