USB Cassette Convertor, from aldi.?

Hi anyone know about the above item from aldi ?...can you let me know if you can help, ..Things like when you record the tape , does it record to the pc liver, at slow speed, etc.....or to a usb drive first, at slow speed still ?..etc....many thanks if you can help..martyn


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You maybe correct mate....which is a shame..as it will take ages to copy my tapes..etc...Shame it did,nt copy to a usb stick first , then upload it to pc, etc......ill keep my eye on them through..

Knew someone that had one it did not have a mains connection and only worked off batteries. He was lucky if he could record a whole tape without batteries running out.

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This was is mains....also copying to say the usb stick first....would save me having to start the pc up..etc.....just a thought , .......was hoping someone on here may have got one......ill popo in to the shop and have a proper look.....

I bought one from Aldi today. It is going back tomorrow. Only records to USB or SD card and it has just destroyed my 8gb USB stick (also an aldi brand). I am not impressed with this!

i have bought one of these not tried it yet but instructions differ from the advert
advert states a driver disc and usb lead included but there was none in box if it wont download to the pc then it is not described correctly and can then come under trading rules

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