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I find chargers really odd... the Motorola one that came with my Moto G4 takes forever to charge it as well as anything else I use it to charge.

I use my Nexus 7 Tablet charger, and an old LG charger which are both fine, but then it'll take hours and hours to charge a kindle?!

Is there a decent plug and cable I can buy that will charge everything at a speed that's reasonable, instead of chargers acting difficult at devices you plug them into please?



the charger supplied with the moto G4 is a travel charger and is very slow.
Buy a fast charger…c=1
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Unfortunately there isn't a single fast charging standard for USB. There are two official ones (USB Battery Charging and USB Power Delivery) and several manufacturers like Apple and Qualcomm ignore them in favour of their own incompatible standard also built in top of standard USB.

You can get chargers that support several, but unfortunately finding out which standards chargers (and devices) support can be unexpectedly difficult for such important information.. It's sometimes a case of crossing your fingers and hoping.

Also, fast charging makes batteries deteriorate faster so not all devices will choose to implement it. I don't know about the Kindles but my Kobo eReader doesn't support any fast charging so a full chance takes ~3 hours, but with a battery life that lasts a couple of weeks I'm never likely to be in a hurry to charge it.

I use this and its great, got 3 devices plugged in at the moment…c=1 if you are quick there is a boxed as new one for under half price or just noticed cheaper still…_ce
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aldi have one in their shops tomorrow. I posted it last week.

Watch out for the ghost screen issue on the G4 if you decide to use a faster charger. Plenty of info on google. My friend returned his new G4 because of it.

it's simply your charger is too low powered. buy one outputting 2.4A. whatever the device being charged maximum input is will be what it actually takes. you cannot over cook it as the device being charged will have safety built in to stop that happening. obiously this statement doesn't apply to samsung.

I personally use a blackberry charger on my iphone as it was cheap to buy.

get a decent genuine make one with the safety marks on it and not a fake from china/wherever
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