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    :?: Hi, I've bought a multimedia laptop, anyone know where I can get a USB Digital TV Tuner or recommend which one to get? I've looked on ebay.


    9 Comments Freecom Digital TV DVB-T USB Stick Freeview receiver, black: Electronics & Photo…-21

    I've installed this for a friend and it's impressive!

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    does it come with any softwear how do u get the channels??

    It comes with all the necessary software to scan for channels, view and record them. Also has an electronic program guide for 7 days to see what is coming up next.

    Does anyone know if this works abroad?


    Does anyone know if this works abroad?

    Some will, but as you might already know, the country you wish to visit must be PAL (probably what this picks up) but it may be NTSC. Next the sub standard of this must match - older TV cards for UK had to be capable of picking up PAL-I (notice the I part.)

    I thought DVB-T was a worldwide standard.
    All the modulation is done in the computer so i guess the only thing that the usb does is Analogue to digital conversion..

    A friend bought a DVB-T USB tuner in Germany and now uses it in the UK no problems!

    I bought this tuner a few months ago and it really is very good. The only problem is the aerial that is supplied, it's just not really up to the job unless you have a VERY strong digital signal in your area. I ended up having to buy a seperate aerial to use the tuner properly. I think a few other people have had the same problem.

    Of course if you're only going to use it in your home and have a good digital signal through your house aerial then it should be no problem!
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