Found 24th Oct 2010
I've asked over at AVforums with no reply so I will ask here.
I want a DVD player for the bedroom. I'd like it to

Play of a external USB drive
Play all codecs needed
Fastforward a single file (IE skip to a part of a song etc)
Play burnt media

This is near what I want but I have read in reviews it will only play a USB pen not a external.…914

Does anyone have a link or two to a cheap player please ?. Brand is of no issue, I am not a brand snob. Just want it cheap and able to meet my needs.

Thanks in advance and Happy Halloween


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Thanks. I have asked a question on the site if it can play from a USB external hard drive. A little more than I was hoping to spend but if it does everything I will be happy.

Looks like its same price on Amazon.

Playback media supported;DVD DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-R DVD-RW CD-R CD-RW CD Audio CD Video MPEG4 SVCD MP3 JPEG XviD DivX


Don't get Sumvision. They look horrible in the flesh. I got a Phillips from Currys about 2 years ago for £49 that has USB. Have a look around first.

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As its for the bedroom and will hardly be used brand or looks just don't bother me. I would even get a pink one if it saved me a few pound lol . I think £50 is a little to much for what I need. Thanks though.

ALDI for £18.99.…htm
Plugged my 1TB portable hard drive in and plays all of the AVI files on it. Brilliant!

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Will it still be around though ? Its dated as an Sunday Special 17th October deal.

I will look instore but doubt this would still be around. Thanks though.

I got mine on Friday so its worth a try.

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Had a look in my local and asked but they were all gone within a day of being put out.
The player at Maplin and Amazon cant play from external USB HDD.

So the search continues.

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Bump. Still wanting
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