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Found 27th Aug 2006
Im after a usb external enclosure for an ide hard drive. I found one on aria oc for £20. Want to know if theres any better ones and if there cheaper. cheers
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Is this for a 2.5" or 3.5" drive?
Did you want one with a fan or an aluminium heat disipating one? Ebay has lots of very basic disipating ones for under £10. I bought a cheapy fan one off of there for around £12 and its pretty noisy.

Other than that, if quality is more your thing, then ]overclockers.co.uk has a good range of high quality Icy Boxes and other makes from £16-30 all of which would do the job very well. I know the guys at overclockers as I live near their warehouse and they tell me that they don't stock stuff that people bring back as its more bother for them so they tend to pick products that they'd use themselves. Seems about right as I've never had to take anything back that they've recommended.
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