USB flash drives Advice Request

Found 14th Sep 2005
Hey all,

Does anyone know whether all USB drives will work with USB 1.0? I have quite an old computer which was purchased just before USB 1.1 was introduced.

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I know most are 1.1 compatible, if it says backward compatible without stipulating 1.1, the chances are it wil be okay.
I never knew there was any such thing as USB 1.0 as compared to 1.1?? If you mean USB "2" compared to USB "1" then the answer is that all USB 2 devices are backwards compatible, they just run at the slower speed.
i have had problems running a usb drive at my workplace.
could they have blocked them.
we use win xp pro
There is software you can install that prevents use of USB ports and other devices like CDRW drives on a PC to prevent employees using them. May have been disabled in the BIOS too.
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