USB Hard Drives

    I'm after a few usb hard drives. Preferably over 200gb (doesn't need to be any bigger than 500gb) and I don't really care if they're 2.5" or 3.5".

    There's not many deals been posted recently for drives of this size as most seem to be looking at 1tb+.

    Anyone know of any cheap deals at the moment. Surely as these are getting a bit old hat, there should be a few places selling off old stock.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


    I think this is the cheapest 500GB external around at the moment:…1-2
    ...and for just a couple more quid, you can even get a portable one:…ers

    Both have fairly good reviews, so you'll have to decide whether you want a desktop or portable one...personally I would go for the portable one at that price (quieter, portable, no need for separate power adapter).
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    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply Bear and thanks for taking the time to look.

    I was kinda looking at paying £10-£15 less for smaller ones. I've seen them pop up in the past but it doesn't seem that there's any about at the moment. I've seen a few 2nd hand go on fleabay for about £30, but that doesn't really make sense when I can get a 250gb portable for £33.34 or a 320gb for £35.96.…red


    If I was only after one, I'd just buy it, but I need 5 or 6 and therefore it mounts up.

    I don't really need more than 250-320gb as they're going to be used with Nintendo Wiis, and there isn't really more than 250gb of decent stuff to put on them.
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    Ah, I see. This is the only other cheaper alternative I could find (250GB for £29.99):…tml (also available at zavvi). Using a walkers code + cashback will reduce the price even further.
    I don't really shop at ebay, so I hope other people can help you out finding a cheaper one, since the above is the cheapest external I could find

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    Thanks again Bear.

    I've bought one, and if it works well with the Wii, I'll grab a few more (unless I find cheaper in the meantime).

    Thanks again

    Happy to help

    You'll have to format it to FAT32 to make it work with Wii, if it doesn't come formatted as FAT32. Use a third-party software to format rather than the built-in format utility in Windows (if you're using Windows). Hope that helps

    Original Poster

    I'm old school and still use WBFS for some unknown reason X)
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    lol I was actually just assuming Wii supported FAT32 I don't actually know if it supports it, to be honest but anyway, glad to hear you know what to do (after having looked up WBFS, I think it should work fine) X)
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