USB headset vs Analog headset

    Hey guys my headset just broke and it was a USB headset.
    Previously to this i had an analog one with the 2 x 3.5mm jacks but it failed to work correectly due to (what i was told) because i had no soundcard.
    Just wanting to know if this is correct, because i have no dedicated sound card, i am unable to use an analog headset?
    Thx in advance

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    It may also help to add, that the problem was i couldnt get the sound coming out of my headset, and when i managed to get it coming out of it i couldnt get sound from my music being played to come out of my speakers., it was either all coming from the speakers, or all coming from headset.
    It wasnt an expensive headset (the 3.5mm jack one) so could it possibly be because it was a piece of crap? lol
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