USB hub?

    I'm looking to get a usb hub to stop me having to fiddle about at the back of my computer as much.

    4 ports is the minimum I want but I've spent about an hour looking around and I don't know what I'm looking for.

    I noticed some are self powered (to a certain extent) but only have 4 ports while others seem to need plugs and get 7.

    I'm actually pretty good with computers so it's frustrating that I dunno what to go for. :cry: :cry:

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    Get that one:…818

    You will be totally satisfied. I've been using one for alsmost a year and it's just perfect. I'am using it with 2 external hard drives, HP 1010 Lazer printer, SanDisk Card Reader, iPOd.

    Get one from Poundland.


    USB hubs that draw power from your computer (passive) have trouble getting things like joysticks and Flash drives to work. (these items require a relatively high amount of power)
    So if you plan to use things like this then I would suggest you get a self-powered hub. If you use items that use the USB to send signals (external hard drives, printers, etc.) a passive hub will suffice.

    I prefer the flexibility of the self-powered hubs


    Why not just buy a new USB card and plonk it in your PC ?

    They should be less than a tenner from the like of Ebay ?

    I had a Belkin 4 hub usb port (can be either self powered or external) for sale on ebay recently but had no takers. PM me if your interested.
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