usb hub?

    lookin for a powered usb hub, ideally 7 port, ebuyer looks the best price wise but postage kills it!

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    PCWorld collect at store for £25

    How much with Ebuyer?

    Novatech do one for about £30 delivered

    Does it have to be an external hub? PCW have internal PCI USB2 cards for about £13 on collect at store.

    May be worth looking @ Ebay can get a new powered usb hub for about £10 posted

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    anyone used lambda-tek?

    They have the d link one, it beats both ebuyer and novatech on price when postage is added, 23 from them, 27 from ebuyer and 29 from novatech...

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    Thanks Djnaff - looks like a good price

    Ill give ebay a look too
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