USB HUB, long cable?

    Want a usb hub but all the ones on ebay and amazon have really short leads, anyone know of one with longer lead as want one to sit on my desk for ease of access, maybe a extention but will this make it a slower conneciton?



    What are plugging into this hub ?

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    just memory sticks, phones ect

    how long do u need Ive seen plenty 10m isn't that long enough on flea bay


    just memory sticks, phones ect

    Depends on what speed you want. Obviously the longer the cable the more latency. Normally you would buy a 10m USB 2.0 extension lead with active repeater. I would probably add another powered hub which is powered from the device side of the extension.

    The lead either works or it doesn't... some hubs have a plug in lead that can be replaced, usually those which are powered, or optionally powered…usb
    This uses a USB to USB mini (NOT micro) cable, and I have spotted the odd 1m MINI in pound shops - the one with it is pretty short
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