USB kvm switch

    Hi, im looking for a usb kvm switch:…154
    That one of similar, at a cheaper price
    Any one selling one? or could point me in the right direction.


    I have that exact one. Had it for over a year now.Works pretty well to be honest. You get what you pay for as I had got a cheap one (£8) off Ebay from Asia and to be honest it was garbage. Even the video output was a funny purple tinge.

    Don`t think there is too many different ones out there to be honest as I remember looking around for a while.

    How much you willing to pay for a 2nd hand one.? .;-)

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    hmmm not sure, depends how much you wanted for it =]
    origionaly i oinly wanted to pay about £15, and i got a £10 one off ebuyer and it works, but my mouse and k/board are usb and it had p/s slots on it so i had to use the addapters but the k/board just does not work, so ill have to get a better one.
    i have a logitec g15 k/board and mx518 mouse

    Oky mate. Forget about me selling my one and lets see if i can help.

    The belkin one also is PS/2 connection and not usb.

    Is there not something along the lines of USB to PS/2 adapters will not work correctly or vice versa. Just making sure you find all this out just before you go buying anything.

    Most wireless keyboard / mouse packages are USB nowadays as I also found this out and was lucky one of my mates had a decent PS/2 connection one that he gave me.

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    Well the one i bought was a p/s and i used usb to p/s so i though it would work but the kboard did not, its the logitec g15 with the little screen, so i think it wont work with ps at all.

    but the…154 i was lookign at is usb,
    Belkin Switch 2 for PC USB with Audio 2 Ports 1 Local User KVM Switch

    so im really just lookign at the cheapest place to get this one!
    hope you can help
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