Found 16th Jan 2007
im after a good digital/hybrid tv tuner for a laptop
has to have remote gonna be plugged into roof top aerial
any ideas welcome

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I've installed this for a few people and it's good; freeview only I think.

You can get it cheaper if you search around.

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thx for that



HD ready?! Will freeview go HD or is this stick special....? sorry for being ignorant!

Do we neet to pay for TV License in case we watch on our Laptop??

I don't have TV and planning to watch it on my laptop..

"If a person is watching TV on a laptop/PDA that is plugged into the mains, then the place they are using it should be licensed"

Thats from the guardians website, so i'll assume its true unfortunatley. Though maybe if its running on battery power when you watch tv your safe

also this is what bbc says...…stm

Yes TV License is required if picking up broadcasts. not required if it has been D/Loaded and stored from the INTERNET in other words if you have no means of obtaining a signal direct from airwaves or satellite broadcasts you don`t need a TV License.
Unfortunately with this method you require one
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