USB PC Gamepads - opinions on best cheap one?

Found 14th Jan 2009
Anyone got any thoughts on the best cheap gamepad under £10? I'm only looking at Amazon since i got some vouchers to use there but these are all available:

Saitek P380 Gamepad (PC) £9.99
Venom USB Joypad Controller (PC) £7.99
Logic3 Rumble Pad - USB Game Pad (PC) £8.99

Links in below post.

Has anyone had any dealings with any of these pads or these brands in general?

All advice welcome!
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The first one my bf bought, and he took it back as it wasnt compitible with his game (SWOS) and didnt work
Just buy a usb adaptor that lets you use a PS1 or PS2 pad for £5 from Game, or the same thing but a PS2 to PS3 usb adaptor from Gamestation for £10
What about a 360 pad, surely one of the best controllers around if you dont mind paying a bit more...…tml
cheers for help so far guys, much appreciated

am pretty strict about the £10 budget & really i'm a low-level gamer. I've never used a PS3 or XBOX though have had a couple of goes on PS2 & Wii.... so yeah, i dont use controllers much! I'm looking at playing games like FIFA/PES & the GTA series & not much more than that so it needs to be relatively simple
Best controllers are the 360 ones.
They are a bit more than a tenner though.
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