Usb Phone Charging Question

    I have a Galaxy S and it doesn't have the best battery life imo .. If you have a pc / xbox / ps3 / anything with a usb connection that is able to charge your phone does that device use more power than normal or is this a little tip to save money on charging power hungry devices .. anyone got any information or links on this?? many thanks.


    I charge my LG Optimus 2X (also and android phone) on my PC all the time. The only time I don't use the PC is if I need to charge it when I'm visiting friends. It always gets a full charge through USB. I have always used my PC to charge my phones from my K800i onwards.
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    USB is 5v at 250ma, phone charger is 5v 800ma, it takes longer to charge your phone via USB but is better for the battery.

    If you are using your PC or whatever consumer device then yes I would say it was cheaper to use it to charge your phone at the same time, but the cost savings or expenditure would be minimal.
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    it costs peanuts to charge a mobile, even daily

    turn off wifi, bluetooth, sync mode. Phone will last longer.

    The device you plug it into to charge will use marginally more power whilst charging it as it has to supply that to the USB port but its an absolutly tiny amount and not worth worrying about.

    I often charge my PS3 controllers off my TVs USB ports as the girlfriend watches TV in the day when I am at work.

    Nice fully charged controller when I get home. Now all I need is PSN to get fixed.
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