USB plug sockets not working

Found 16th Jun
ive had mine fitted for years but recently i noticed my phone wasnt charging. I checked everything and found the 2 usb's had failed. i didnt think this was possible. Any suggestions?
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I have 2 and I'm not impressed. Better off with multi charger. Guess you will have to replace if you want to keep usb sockets
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Ive had them about 5 years, didnt think they could wear out. Ive got some more so they can be replaced.
I'm not replacing mine unless something way better available.
Power supplies are one of the first thing to fail with any electronic device. Small switch mode PSUs sealed in a box with no air circulation and delivering near their maximum rated current will run hotter and fail quicker than most.

I seem to recall someone posting in another thread saying their dead usb wall socket was restored to life by switching the mains off and on at the fuse box, I'm somewhat sceptical, but you could always give it a try.
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They easily fail if you use cheap Poundland, Market or Chinese Tat leads and Plugs etc
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