USB power adapter

    looking for a USB power adapter to charge up my sony walkman from the mains
    any deals out there?
    thank you


    Can you provide a link to the cheapest you've found one for?

    i got mine off ebay for cheap enough

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    havent found one yet

    From Play:
    Universal USB Mains Charger
    £3.99 delivered

    Don't forget Quidco!

    From DealExtreme:
    1000mA USB AC Adapter (UK)

    I got the one from DealExtreme and it's 1000mA. The pic of the label shows the power output as1500mA, although this product is labelled at 1000mA. :thinking: If you're thinking of getting this one let's just say I can't confirm that this outputs at "1000mA" although it just shows this on the sticker/label. I think it's probably much lower. :x Although I think it's probably fine for charging mp3 players/low powered usb type products instead of using the computer.

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    great tx huunter, repped
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