Found 28th May 2008
I've been trying to get hold of one, every single good deal I come across has a mains UK lead. Does anyone know where I'd be able to get hold of one of these? If at all possible? I'm looking for something around the 500gb mark.



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Bump, forums are live today. My thread is already at the bottom.

you should be looking for a 2.5" one as im sure all 3.5" ones come with power.....

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So if I was to purchase an internal hdd and a caddy, I'd be able to resolve this problem?


What do you want to use if for?…e=3

my caddy in the thread above has an internal battery so you can transfer data from memory cards without a computer or mains power.

when you connect to a pc it uses usb and battery to power itself. just chuck in an internal HDD and you're ready to go. :thumbsup:

it can be used as a normal external drive too

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What do you guys think of this? ]http//ww…red

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3.5" drives require more power than the USB port on any computer can … 3.5" drives require more power than the USB port on any computer can provide.Hence why we suggest you look for 2.5" drives with far less power requirements.

Having said that, what do you make of the 3.5" HDD caddy which is usb powered?

I would be highly dubious that this will be powered by USB only.

Max power output for the USB = 5W

Minimum power requirement for any 3.5" Hard Drive = 10W

The only way it might work if it used two USB ports

EDIT: suspicions confirmed on ebuyer reviews
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