USB powered Hard Drives

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Found 22nd Sep 2008
Theres loads of good deals on 1TB Hard Drives that come with AC adapters. I want one that can run off my laptop. Does anyone know if you can get one under £100?


For USB powered hard drives the maximum size that exists is 500GB and they cost around £100.

LaCie do a 'little big disk' that is a 1TB firewire powered drive but it costs £350.

you could try finding a pocket sized one, they use laptop hard drives and usually run off the laptop, just like running off the battery in a laptop.

big ones are desktop drives, hence bigger and cheaper that's why require a AC adaptor just like a they require a PSU to work in a desktop.

i haven't seen and big desktop external drive run off usb, only portable ones maybe becuase they draw too much power and probably drain the laptop battery a lot quicker

hope this helps.

Hi. At the last call I read somewhere the max size powered by USB cable alone was 320Gb, possibly a little higher if you are using a dual USB cable to power it but not sure if thats practical for many people.

There are some great deals on various sites Amazon, eBuyer, Play where you can get a decent make for around the £50 mark. My personal preference is Western Digital but others like Buffalo TurboDrives and ToughDrives are also quite good but sometimes a little more expensive.

Anything over and beyond 320Gb would require a separate power supply due to powering the larger hard drive but I'd keep an eye out for this changing as these types of technology are always changing and improving. Hope this helps. Cheers.
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