USB Problem!!

    Hey, i need some help with my dell vostro 1510 laptop. Every time i connect something through usb nothing ever connects, it doesn't show up on the laptop. I've tried everything i can think of eg: reinstalling the usb drivers and contacting dell via live chat. The best they could come up with was to reinstall vista.

    Any advice is welcome.



    Do none of the usb's work or just one?

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    Theres 4 usb slots and not 1 of them work,

    got the same problem with mine...never found the answer...also my sd card slot doesnt work...thinkin i got a few virus issues



    Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager.* Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Double-click the appropriate device category, and then look for an entry for the device you are having a problem with.

    Right-click the entry for your USB device, and then click Properties.

    Click the General tab, and then look in the Device status box to see if it mentions any problems with the device—specifically, a problem with the driver.

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    So i just tried the device manager and seeing if there is any driver problems and they all say they are working properly. i also have a sd slot which works perfectly.


    what about with something connected?

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    yeah i connected a mp3 player and also a digi camera, but still says the same, anymore ideas?


    (just in addition to my point above) i told an IT manager about my prob and he offered to clean the whole system out...apparently deleting everything or something dont really know a whole lot about what this would accomplish but just as an idea, you might need to have that done?


    what mp3 player?
    have you installed the drivers already or not?
    was it working b4?
    any devices connected should show in device manager

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    Yeah, dell support told me to just reinstall vista but i don't really wanna do that if i don't have to. It's never worked since i had it i don't think but i've only just started to use the usb.


    Yeah, dell support told me to just reinstall vista but i don't really … Yeah, dell support told me to just reinstall vista but i don't really wanna do that if i don't have to. It's never worked since i had it i don't think but i've only just started to use the usb.

    perhaps thats the only way seen as i'v been advides mroe or less the same??

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    I've not had it connected to this laptop b4 but i've had them both working on my desktop pc without installing any drivers for them.


    mp3 should show in my computer or under disk drives in device manager

    plug n play

    if not must have faulty install of vista, personally id go back to xp anyway

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    yeah i prefer xp its so much better, the devices don't show up in device manager or in the my computer bit. do you think reinstalling vista is the only way to fix this?

    this is a common problem in vista and is easily fixed, i'm suprised dell didn't tell you how to fix it.
    its down to a corrupt driver database file you need to locate Infcache.1 and delete it. then plug in a usb device and it should start asking for drivers again. hth

    edit problem discussed here…ms/

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    how would i find this infcache 1 and what is it? cheers wolf

    there are full instructions in the link i posted.
    its basically a database of drivers and windows looks through it everytime you plug something in. it gets corrupt and can cause numerous problems.

    edit: just a thought, but you haven't turned the usb ports off in the bios have you?

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    so i just tried all the deleting of the infcache 1 and checking the bios, tried connecting the digi camera and still nothing.

    Seems like a good time to install XP to me :whistling:

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    i would but im not gonna fork out for another OS when i already have 1 i tried updating the bios and its stillthe same, its beating me lol

    you don't have to pay for another o/s you can use your downgrade rights to downgrade to XP
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