USB Soundcard/DAC/Amp Multiple Simultaneous Outputs

Posted 6th Jan 2021
Looking for a USB Soundcard that has 2 Headphone outputs (so might be an "Amp"), and Stereo Speaker output. But I want the headphone outputs (at least one of them) to be TRRS. And I don't want it to "switch" to headphones when they're plugged in, I want it to be able to output to speakers and headphones at the same time. And ideally something that can be switched off. Preferably individual controls (on/off) for each output. But that's secondary. Primary requirement is simultaneous Speaker and Headphone output, with at least one Headphone being TRRS. Or even a USB output to do the same thing. Probably using all sorts of incorrect terminology, but hopefully it make sense.

Does such a thing exist?

Or any other suggestions to achieve what's mentioned?

Don't want to spend more than £100, below if possible. In Audio land that's maybe wishful thinking. The whole idea might be wishful thinking. But dreams are built upon wishes. And wishes can come true!

Cheers for your input.
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