USB speakers

    can anyone recommend any decent USB speakers? the ones on my laptop are awful and i'm after some reasonably priced external ones to beef things up a bit. i dont want anything to special, just a decent pair to let me listen to music without it distorting!
    I have some already, but they are not USB powered, so its a pain to keep plugging them in.


    What would you consider reasonably priced? £50?

    Have you considered a pair of headphones, they're powered through the headphone port so they won't have to take up an extra USB port (I don't know if you can get similarly powered speakers).

    ]These Logitech ones. My mate has them and they're surprisingly powerful. Good bass, no distortion...

    Keep a eye in tesco's , as they have a couple in there.. like above post.., The u,s,b type are ok for portable use.. but i prefer the plug in type. bit larger etc..and cheaper too. Like the 140 on offer in tesco now.£14
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