USB stick problems

    One of my USB sticks is not being recognised in any pc or dvd player, it was fine last night but nothing is aware of it even being pluged in anything i can do? If i take the case off can i get the data off the stick another way?


    I wouldnt take the case off it, unless you are handy with a soldering iron.. dont think there is any other way of getting the data off it .. like starsparkle said try fiddling with it.
    I used to make these damn things!!

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    thanks been fidling since 2am with 4 machines and no joy

    Typical cheap SUB sticks/flash memory cards fail, non-Sony PS2 memory crads are a perfect example

    Have you tried to look into my computer properties? What system do you have XP/Vista/Linux? Sometimes there's a problem with drive latter being reserved or wrongly assigned and needs to be changed ....

    Let me know if you want a guide on how to change it

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    Thanks its deff the stick will just have to download a few things again


    thanks been fidling since 2am with 4 machines and no joy

    if ever there was a double entendre (sp) that's it.

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    lol 3rd night of no sleep due to change in medication but good point well presented will try that tonight :whistling:
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