USB storage device has no power. help?!

    My girlfriends USB pen drive stopped working, it looked like there was no power getting to it. Tried it in another PC still same problem, used many different USB ports. Ive taken all the plastic off the USB key to see if there were any obvious problems, loose solder, etc... so im now left with just the usb connector attached to the chip. There are no obvious problems from looking at the chip, connections etc....

    Any one come across this before? It has some really important files on. (I know.... should have backed up).



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    Booooo... maybe some one at uni is handy at soldering. Im sure its only the 5v power cable that needs soldering.

    It should be easy to fix.

    It'll normally be the connection between the USB connector pins and the PCB. Even if they look OK, the track on the PCB might be broken due to stress. It doesn't take much wiggling to do this.

    To repair, you need someone reasonably handy with a soldering iron to touch up the connections, but they shouldn't be too difficult. I expect your uni has a lab technician who would do it for a beer.

    Once you've got the files off, teach your girlfriend the meaning of the word "backup"
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