USB to play through a Blu-Ray


    I have recently bought the USB Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB Flash Drive that was posted on here and was wondering if this will be ok to play movies through my blu-ray which has a usb port ?

    I have some files that are around 4gb and good quality, would these play without any jumping etc or should i send back and look for a USB stick with a better speed ?




    Most blu rays will only play files under 2gb.

    what is the make and model of your blu-ray ???

    philmitchellMost blu rays will only play files under 2gb.

    serious, now i dont have a Blu Ray player but my £40 phillips DVD player runs off an 8GB pen drive no problem.

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    I have the Limit one which was posted on here for £15......i dont need to play them now as i have a WD player in the bedroom :-)
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