USB travel charger

    I'm looking for a multi-port USB travel charger (US, UK and EU) with at least two 2.4a ports and preferably three or more ports in total. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Max output 2.1a x 1 Would not suit your requirements

    Most multi port chargers are multi voltage and they have a figure 8 mains lead (like the old stereo plugs).
    All I did was buy a EU and US lead with the figure 8 end. Although when I got back from the USA our phones were taking twice as long to charge so I'm not convinced my 5 port charger was unaffected by the voltage change.

    Anker make really good chargers. Look at this on eBay…779

    I got an anker travel adapter recently from Amazon, had interchangeable plugs for uk and Europe, might be able to find a us one as well.

    Anker, Aukey and Tecknet are good brands for powerbanks

    why not just buy a power bank if they around similar price u can pick up technet 16500mah powerbank for around 15 quid of eBay. that should give about 13000mah of charge so fully charged from home and then just leave it on charge in hotel room and charge of it when stuff needs charging on the go.

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    Thank you for all of your responses!

    Wadda's Syncwire suggestion looks like the best solution for what I'm looking for. While I'd prefer Anker as a brand, they only seem to sell EU/UK travel chargers over here.

    MynameisM's suggestion of using a power bank instead is actually a really good idea and I might just get one to take in my backpack anyway.

    Thank you again everyone

    I have just received my Syncwire from amazon and am very impressed with the build quality. The USA plug is built in then the UK or Euro plug slides over it when needed. Only bad thing is the weight. It weighs about twice what my 4 port Uk plug Anker one does.
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