USB Type-C charger for Xperia XZ1 Compact?

Found 2nd Oct 2017
Hi all,

I've just bought a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. It uses a USB Type-C charger which I'm unfamiliar with - where can I get hold of a couple for cheap?

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gearbest bangood, takes 15 days to come but dirt cheap buy a few for price of 1, most on amazon are from here they just dropship them to amazon and fulfil them
Will this be okay?

Look at this on eBay…964
rawkinrich15 m ago

Will this be okay?Look at this on eBay …Will this be okay?Look at this on eBay

You got to be really careful with Type C. It is not just a case of your device not charging as quick as it should with incorrect cables/chargers but rather totally wrecking the device. The below offers some advice, mine is simple don't be skimpng on price when it comes to something that can destroy your £400 asset.…les…us/

For spares I've bought the below cable and used an old "normal" usb type A mains plug from another device. My Nexus 6P doesn't quick charge on it, but normally it's only ever for a "top-up" in work anyhow.

AUKEY Type C to Type A

Microsoft Lumina Type C Mains Charger
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