USB WiFi stick - today / tomorrow if poss?

    I normally connect my PC to my router by a cable, but need to move my PC for 2 weeks. Does anyone know of a cheap wifi USB dongle I can pick up either from one of the normal high st stores or with pretty quick delivery?

    It's only 2 weeks so don't want to spend loadsa dosh or have to wake for half of that for it to arrive!



    considering we dont know where you live, we dont know what shops are in your high street (or near you)
    Why not simply actually go and look and see if you like the price of any of them?
    much simpler and faster and no getting peeved off if someone posts a fantastic deal but you then after travelling for miles find they've run out, or not available in your store.

    There are dongles preloaded with 3gb to use on vodafone,£20,from currys,maplins etc

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    Thanks grabbit, but I'm actually after just a plain wifi thing not a mobile internet dongle.

    Karen, I live about a 15m drive from 4 fairly decent high st's. I was kinda after a steer as to the type of thing out there for the right price. I don't really fancy browsing through dozens of shops if someone knows a good deal in a specific one. Grabbits suggestion of curry's & maplins I think would be considered standard high st, also things like Argos, wilko's, M&S, supermarkets etc.
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