USB Y Cable for seagate external hd

    I've been given a…_go Seagate Freeagent External Hard Drive but the usb y cable is missing. I've tried a standard usb with the much smaller end at one end from my garmin and it just beeps. Seems it needs the other part of the y cable for power which is fair enough

    So, aside from ebay any ideas please where i can get one from? I've checked the usual suspects of scan, aria, ebuyer and spot on as well as google products and to no avail all aside from ebay.

    Anyone any ideas please?


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    No one any ideas at all?

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    That be the one yes thank you, just a shame on the p+p of nearly the price of the cable but thanks, that is what i am looking for but hope to get it a bit cheaper really......

    Might be cheaper direct from Lindy themselves. Can't immediately see the postage charge...…php

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    £8 inc postage seems like, since i doubt it will be more than 2kg
    lindy delivery charges
    Thanks again

    Have you thought of going on ebay and buying a 2.5" external enclosure? I got one for less than £7 it arrived next day and came with the cable and a little pouch! Just a thought as it appears a cheaper way!

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    Would the seagate fit in the enclosure?

    Well yeah i suppose but what I meant was the cable you want comes with them!
    Then you have a spare caddy, I meant it works out cheaper to buy the whole lot even with the delivery than they charge for a cable and delivery!

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    I never looked at it that way classic outside of the box thinking :giggle:
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