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Posted 18th Jan
3390814-bX4mQ.jpg3390814-pvhl5.jpgHi I'm looking for a cable or adapter so that my tablet can charge at the same time as using the tablets external keyboard case.
I've already purchased three adapters and a cable wrongly so I was hoping that one of you clever techie folk would be able to stop spending any more money unnecessarily on yet more useless items.
The tablet is a neocore 10 bought from Amazon about 4 years ago. obviously as the tablet has got older it's charge hold ability has decreased and therefore needs to be plugged in while working more than a couple of hours. If I do this I cannot use the keyboard as it chooses the same port.
Any advice or pointers hugely appreciated.
Many thanks
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Can't you just buy bluetooth keyboard?
I am looking into getting a actual laptop but I won't have the funds available for that for a few months. I thought I would be able to pick up a cable or adaptor that I need right now for a couple of quid rather than buying new keyboards etc.
What adapters have you bought so far? Can you send links?
so does the tablet charge through a usb port? and that is the only charging port?
I've used some micro-USB splitters in the past (a few quid from eBay), but they rarely allow you to charge and use peripherals at the same time. I ended up getting a cheap Bluetooth keyboard/mousepad.
HDMI is a dedicated video connection so it's not relevant here.

What you're after is called an accessory charging adaptor in the USB standards, but USB widget sellers are often terrible at labelling.

And this does require software support on the tablet's end, so you may have bought one already and your tablet doesn't support it.
Thanks for the replies

To be honest I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to small tech. I've been using desktop computers and the likely for many years in my role as staff nurse.

Two of the mistakes I have purchased so far were USB - I realised once they arrived that they were totally the wrong fitting. I do believe that they are the same as the sort that plug into a standard phone charging plug. USB A?

I have seen some of the micro USB splitters as mentioned above by @Ferris for sale on Amazon and eBay. Reading Amazon reviews on those have looked at so far HA0 seem to to only work with certain gadgets and not others.
The keyboard case I have is neocore brand, the same as the tablet but I can't find any info or help in product questions, reviews etc.
Sounds like you need a powered micro usb hub, difficult to tell the size from the picture, might be mini usb, can you tell us the model number of the tablet?
I've done some research for you and although USB OTG does support this feature it's up to the manufacturer to include it in the kernel. Most probably your device won't support using a keyboard and charging at the same time.…tg/
Thanks again.
I've just fired off an email to neocore for guidance based on the info you provided @marezky Hopefully they will be able to say yay or nay on a suitable product. Spotted mention of using a power bank in the Reddit article too. I've got one somewhere so I will dig it out.

Many thanks peeps for all your help this afternoon
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