USD $$$ best place

    i am popping over to NY for 6 days and i am gonna need some $$$'s

    where do you get the best rates and commission free etc.

    thanks for your help.


    When are you going?

    Take out a nationwide current account, 0% charges on any visa debit card spending there same on their credit card, I got a good rate when I used mine in Europe (At the time: £1=€1.47 I got 1.44 on Visa purchases and Visa debit cash withdrawels)

    Most places do commission free currency now. The rate that you get depends on how much you are looking for. The more you buy the better the rate

    Very few agents now display their rates on a rate board in the window, they want people to go in and ask what the rate is. Most agents have a rate that they will offer if you just walk in off the street and don't question it however this is by no means the best rate they have for the day.

    Ask what their rate is and then tell them you have been to another agent nearby and they have offered you a better rate. They will ask what you were offered so go a little higher than what they offered. Don't add too much or they will know you are at it, say you were offered a rate that is 1 or 1.5 cents more. They should then offer you a better rate.

    Thomas Cook tend to be really good and normally have one of the best rates

    Am going in August and have been keeping an eye on the rate and currently I can get $1.908 to the £1 though HSBC

    I may take some sterling travellers cheques when I go away and see if I get a better rate as when I was in Teneriffe last year they were giving more euro's to the pound if you cashed sterling cheques rather than euro cheques

    Have got a while to decide on how to take my money though

    Comission free doesn';t exist imo.

    They rip you off giving you an interior rate.

    The Nationwide feature works v well.

    It does exist, some places do give lower rates Post Office can be bad for that but on the whole if you know where to go then you can negotiate a bit on the rate.

    In the states you will always get a lower rate on sterling travellers cheques they hate them! You don't really get travellers cheques as much now, AMEX now do a travellers cheque card which is just like an ATM card. You load the card with money here and then take your money out of ATMs, they come in sterling, USD and Euros.

    That was a great rate you got NFS from HSBC, it is unusual for banks to offer such good rates they tend to be one of the worst as foreign currency isn't really what banks do and most have to order it in for you

    Travelex at the airport, preorder and you will get a better rate than any bank

    In my experience ost foreign exchange places at airports charge commission and also have lower rates. When I was cabin crew used to get commission free at the airport but the rate was always crap. Used to buy currency in advance from a travel agent commission free as was always better off

    Get my vote, used them a few times with by far the best rate.

    Travelex is commission free with a good rate

    Hi i fo in 2 weeks to NYC and am lookin all the time. The best place i can see it Travelex or Marks and Spencers. Its currently around $1.90 to the £1


    I have ordered through travelex online for my last two trips, always found their rates good, and you have convenience of picking up at airport. I think you can pay an extra £3.50 to guarantee the rate to exchange any unwanted cash when you return. I usually take this, as they will buy back at the buy rate, not the sell rate.


    As Tony and pj have already mentioned, I find Travelex nearly always have the best prices so I rarely waste time shopping around these days. Always pre-order over the internet and collect at the airport as their rates for just buying at airport desk are terrible.


    That was a great rate you got NFS from HSBC, it is unusual for banks to … That was a great rate you got NFS from HSBC, it is unusual for banks to offer such good rates they tend to be one of the worst as foreign currency isn't really what banks do and most have to order it in for you

    I have not purchased any yet from HSBC as i am just watching the rate at the moment and will start ordering soon as their is not much change in their rate they offer at the moment

    HSBC are also offering free delivery on currency under £250 at the moment as they normally charge £3.95 and anything ordered above £250 is free anytime

    From previous experience with HSBC your cash normally arrives to your door within 48 hours

    [COLOR="Red"]EDIT - Just checked the rate with HSBC and it has dropped slightly to 1.88 to the £1, the rate has been 1.90 with HSBC since 18/1/07 so hopefully it may go back up soon[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    hi guys, thanks for your help.

    I have a Nationwide account so will try and get that sorted and i reckon i'll use HSBC to get the cash, free delivery appeals to me, and free buy back at any branch.

    i like the idea of travelx, but to be honest i really dont like the idea of leaving it til the last minute.
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