Use American Express through Paypal where Amex isn't accepted.

Found 1st Feb 2016
Not strictly a deal, but this might help some people.

For the last two years I've been trying to use my Amex card more as it offers 1.25% cashback on purchases. However I still find a lot of places don't accept Amex. To get past this i've registered my card with Paypal and find a lot of places online accept Paypal, where they don't accept Amex.

In these cases I pay via Paypal and still get cashback on my Amex card. May not be useful for everyone but hopefully will help some people.
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I also do this when I can be bothered to pay through PayPal.
Good idea.

After the amex platinum card deal on here I have the amex Pt now
Thanks,I did it a while ago.
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