use without a top up

    i have jsut been sent a t mobile sim, and tried to use my pac on there, T M refused and said i need to top up before i can do anything on the account, how silly

    my question is which sims allow you to port without the need to top up?


    Just top it up then, stick a tenner on it or less if you can.. -- unless your not planning on ever using it.

    If your not planning on using it, why should a company port your number to one of their sim cards if your not going to use it or if they are not going to gain business from it??

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    i want to go back to the same network, with a better online deal! thats why!

    Get a fanta, dr pepper etc with the 50p mobile code on it, will that count?

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    doubt it!

    thanks any way

    You cant port a tmobile number to a tmobile sim

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    i'm porting from 3!

    but want to go back to to them! on another tariff!
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