Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 4 h, 1 m ago)
Not a deal per say but I thought this was a quite interesting use of the AirPods Pro
a study just launched has shown they are just as good as premium hearing aids…ids…ids
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    Links don't work !
    Work for me  not sure why not you 
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    That's quite good tbf. Not a fan of Apple but that is a pretty useful feature. I could probably make use of that feature myself.

    Wonder if there is a similar setting for my Sony ones. Doubt it though (edited)
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    One of the first lines in the first article is “But it's true, while they're no replacement for proper hearing aids, you can certainly use your Apple AirPods in a pinch if you're needing to amplify the world around you.” Not sure where you get just as good from?
    Researchers recruited 21 participants in the study to test how well second-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro performed compared to a premium hearing aid costing $10,000 and a basic aid costing $1,500. The participants were asked to repeat verbatim short sentences that were read to them while wearing each device. The AirPods Pro were found to be comparable to basic hearing aids in quiet environments and only slightly worse than the premium hearing aids. The second-gen AirPods performed the worst of the four devices but were better than nothing. 

    They don’t  sound far off imo 
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