Use your Pay as go credit on a monthly deal

    With all the hoopla about the g2 on t-mobile i decided to see what my current provider, O2, was willing to offer me. I am a pay as you go customer, and have been for quite a while and usually top up 30 a month in order to get unlimited texts. The first deal was to switch to their new sim offering unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet for £15 a month and they offered me some money off a phone on pay as you go, they claimed it was a percentage of my top ups over the last 18 months.
    I asked them what deals they'd do on a contract phone. They said I could use my amassed pay as you go credit as credit against any mobile deal. Unfortunatley o2 don't have any android phones that are sensibly priced so I am back at looking at t-mobile again


    you top up £30 a month just to get unlimited texts!!!!!!!!! You really need to change for sure! I pay £22.50 for unlimited internet, unlimited txt (about 2000 as fair use), 1000 minutes and a brand new Blackberry! And ive been with o2 for 7 years on contracts. And im sure now mine isnt even a good deal anymore!


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    Have a look at the t-mobile Pulse its Android and only £176 PAYG less quidco.

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    Thats he plan i think, transfer to £15 unlimited texts and unlimited internet on o2 buy the pulse and then hopefully there will be an unlock to use any sim in it. anybody know where i an do that?

    Due to my job I have never been sure if i was going to be in the country for a long period of time so a contract was never worthwhile, however the industry i'm in is hugely affected by the market at the moment so it looks like i'll be here a while longer, hence looking at either a very cheap pay as you go or contract
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